Part Time CFO Services - 5 Ways Outsourcing Can Change Your Business

Small companies often face similar financial challenges to those of larger companies. Many reach a point in company growth where the expertise of a financial professional is needed, but are unable to afford a full-time CFO. With a part-time CFO, you receive the benefits of financial help at a much smaller financial commitment than hiring another full-time employee. Along with saving both time and money, you'll be able to focus on where your company needs you most. A part-time CFO can help you:
1. Receive accurate financial information. Many companies' financial statements are filled with incomplete or inaccurate data, making it almost impossible for business owners to choose right for their business. A part-time CFO uses up-to-date accounting standards, giving you the key profitability information needed to make vital decisions for your business.
2. Spend more time with customers. Spending time with current and future customers is not just a luxury; it is essential for a profitable business. If you are not spending time with your customers now, then your competition is. By taking care of HR functions and accounting; a part-time CFO can free needed time so you can focus more on your customers and growing your business.
3. Get more money from banks or vendors. Banks and vendors are looking for financial statements that follow correct accounting standards, look professional and highlight key information. Create the professional financial statements you need to improve your company image and receive better terms with banks and vendors.
4. Discourage employee dishonesty. Many business owners have been shocked to learn how much stealing can go on within a company. There are many different types of theft such as; theft of money, customer lists, inventory and more. A part-time CFO can help discourage theft by establishing control and keeping you more aware of what going on inside your company.
5. Manage your cash flow properly. Lack of planning can often cause unpleasant cash flow surprises. Don't address only the 'squeaky wheel', or let your company only 'exist' from month to month. By correct planning, using cash flow management solutions and securing needed financing, many cash flow issues can be reduced or even eliminated.
All companies face large challenges, but with the help of a part-time CFO big obstacles such as getting more money from banks and receiving accurate company data can be simplified and handled properly. By aiding in better cash flow management, discouraging employee dishonesty and freeing more time to spend with customers; CFO services can help your company succeed.

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